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In our next stop we head with Salma to Aswan. The magical city on the nile banks of southern Egypt. In this story, we go on a journey with our Diva on the course of three days, moving from an island to island. Meeting with the kindest people, hearing their stories and capturing timeless moments.

Salma is one of the most prominent young Egyptian actress and model. We ask Salma, where do you get all this energy?

It's an intense romance... being in front of the camera was definitely my 'love at first sight'. I feel a strong connection with the lens, and I'm in my element. Specially when it comes to fashion. I strongly believe that fashion relies greatly on storytelling, which means I get to role play every time I'm on set; this is really when I knew I wanted to take this further and become an actress. During shoots, I channel my personal emotions sometimes, while other times I recreate a character in my head. There are moments where I do not even recognize myself after I'm done shooting. Like any emotional person, I pick up on energies. If the team I am working with isn't aligned; I start becoming uncomfortable. You see, I really do take my work very seriously and I like to feel that everyone around me does too. When this is not the case. I am almost certain that the outcome won't be great. I've learnt over time to say "No" to situations that do not bring out the best in me. Call me a diva, but I'm just a woman trying to get the job done right.

Childhood Heroes?

Batman because he was a normal human being that was just strong enough to fight for justice. 

Opera Winfrey for human rights.

Coco Chanel for her liberal ideas at the time.

And finally my mother. She is the fighter that shaped who I am today.

How do you describe the Aswan experience?

My experience in Aswan every time is phenomenal. The energy there is so powerful more than any other place I have been to.  A psychic once told me I was the daughter of the goddess isis and I used to be one of her monks. This is might explain the tattooo of isis on my arm and also will explain my connection with Aswan. 
And of course no need to mention the generosity and the kindness of Nubian people.


Photographer and Director: Ämr Ezzeldinn / Styling: Ahmed Sorour / Model: Salma Abu Deif / DOP: Muhammad Gamal El Din / Assistant: Bassem El Dabour / Production: Maison Mehany

Wardrobe: Maison Margiela, Aspect Dorè, TIYIOmneya HussienDannahSorelleDina ShakerMamzi.

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