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Uniting Artists And Art-Enthusiasts for Gaza

 'Our Palestine' Art Exhibition And Fundraiser


By Aya Nassar

In a powerful display of solidarity and empathy, artists, designers, and art enthusiasts converged in Downtown Cairo last night for the opening of 'Our Palestine,' a fundraiser and art exhibition at Radio Cinema. The event, organized by Kairos, a culture and design collective, aimed to channel creativity into a force for change, raising awareness and funds for Gaza amidst a global outcry against the unfolding crisis.

The two-day event, open to the public on November 30th and December 1st from 12 PM to 8 PM, featured a diverse array of art installations, paintings, photographs, and films. The event showcases the work of over 60 artists, designers, and brands who participated in an auction of their creations and local products. The funds generated from this auction, along with the proceeds from the sale of various artworks, furniture, and accessories, would be directed towards aid organizations supporting Gaza.

Mohamed Radwan, founder of Cairo Designathon and one of the event organizers, expressed the proactive stance of the initiative. Although it may be no way near enough, Radwan was committed to finding a way, leveraging the art scene and raising the money for a good cause.  

The fundraising efforts were not limited to the physical presence. An online auction platform features the artworks and designs, ensuring a broader reach for those who wanted to contribute to the cause. Collaborating with the National Alliance for Civil Development, 'Our Palestine' set up donation booths for charity groups Resala, Masr El Kheir, The Food Bank, and Ahl Misr, amplifying the impact of the fundraising initiative.

Beyond the artistic showcase, the event focused on raising awareness by screening films documenting Palestinian experiences and culture. One notable documentary of these, crafted by Egyptian photographer Ahmed Hayman, chronicles his experiences within Palestinian refugee camps, offering a poignant insight into the struggles faced by the people of Gaza. A panel discussion featuring Palestinian activists further enriches the cultural exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the people of Gaza.

Among the notable artists and designers participating in 'Our Palestine' were Waleed Shah, Karim Mekhtigian, Shosha Kamel, Amr Ezzeldinn, and Noura Fakharani. As for us, DIVAZ had a photography booth, built exclusively for the event, in which people could commemorate the special day by having their portraits taken while having the option to donate a small fee. The event also announced a private film screening featuring 'The Road to Palestine' (1985), by Layaly Badr, and 'Pictures From Gaza' (2013), by Tamer Ashry, followed by a discussion panel with the aforementioned filmmakers as well as visual artist and creative director Kegham Djeghalian.

The significance of 'Our Palestine' extended beyond the artistic realm, representing a collective effort to make a meaningful difference in the face of adversity. The collaboration with various partners showcases the broad support garnered for the cause. Partners include Photopia Cairo, Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo Designathon, Arcade Gallery, What Women Want Mgazine, Ubuntu Art Gallery, Access Art Space, TAM.Gallery, El-Shai, and Stardust PR, 

As 'Our Palestine' continues to unfold, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and culture when harnessed for a noble cause. The event's impact reverberates not only in the vibrant expressions of creativity but also in the tangible support extended to the people of Gaza. 

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