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A Love Letter To Nubia And Its People In The Most Beautiful, Fashionable Way


Credits: From MAMZI's latest Nubia Collection.


By Aya Nassar


Recently, Monday, June 19th, Mamzi launched its most recent collection, a captivating one inspired by Nubia that ended up being an ode to the magical city and the finishing line to a years-long creative journey of the woman behind Mamzi herself, Mariam Abdelghany, while also celebrating the opening of its pop-up store at Capital Promenade, Sheikh Zayed.

The journey of this collection started about nine years ago, as Mamzi designer and founder, Mariam Abdelghany explains, when she visited Aswan for the very first time and fell in love with the city as well as the people of the city. She knew instantly that she would have to do something related to it, but was still unsure what exactly or when she would do it. Almost just starting out back then, Abdelghany did not have the right or sufficient resources for it. 

This started the work of the collection, even if the implementation took place years later, as, with every collection released by Mamzi, Abdelghany asked herself before working on it if this would be the Aswan collection. 

“With every collection, I asked myself; is this the one? Is this the right time? But it never felt right and I said I need more resources or I need to go there or I need to do my research,” comments Abdelghany. 

Fast forward to 4-5 months ago, with a bigger vision in the works and a dream in mind, Abdelghany traveled to Aswan and started her chapter of research, documentation and preparation for her dream collection. She started closely observing the handcrafts because, as Abdelghany explains, many of the women of Aswan do their work with their hands in a lot of different products. 

The exploration did not end there as Abdelghany also visited numerous houses and talked to a lot of women until she decided what she was going to do, what she would do in her own way and what she would like to take exactly as it is, but do it in her own colors. Then, she went back and started working right away on bringing this collection and her vision to life. 

“I started sketching. I worked on a lot of patterns. I took some patterns from the houses there. I included their motifs that they use. In all the pieces, I either used the patterns or the inspiration is shown in the cuts themselves, the silhouettes. I also used the material null, Aswan’s special type of wool that could be found in Kilim rugs, as a lot of people work with null there. I used it in the pieces and the bag that I made,” adds Abdelghany. 

Maintaining the soul of Aswan and its people was at the forefront for Abdelghany as she worked hand in hand with its people throughout the whole process. She recreated the patterns and colors, sent it to them, and then they worked on it by hand or did the embroidery for it then sent it back to her.

“Basically, I tried to interpret Aswan in my own way, specifically Nubia. I wanted to do it in a more twisted, modern and wearable way whether by using the colors, the patterns or the different silhouettes,” highlights Abdelghany. 

The special collection was also crowned with an equally breathtaking campaign ahead of its reveal. With a huge team of photographers, videographers and models, Mamzi and her team went to Aswan and right away started scouting for the places that would capture the true essence of the city, all around Aswan with a specific focus on Nubia.

“It was definitely a hassle. We were on a boat almost at all times. We film in one place, for example, then we go on to the next while moving in two boats, side by side. We kept getting on and off them to film in as many beautiful spots as possible. We were truly trying to show off the most stunning places in Aswan as much as possible. This was the most important thing for me; to stay honest and true about the campaign and what it shows,” adds Abdelghany. 


Highlighting the beauty of Aswan and the undeniably vibrant spirit of its people was the cornerstone of this collection and campaign for Abdelghany. She wanted to transport the people into the very same mesmerization that inspired her in the first place. Another aim of Mamzi’s that was a success had been showing how much the collection takes from the one-of-a-kind spirit of Aswan in a very modern way that remains true to the signature style of the brand. 

With the reveal of the collection at Capital Promenade in a spectacular event on Monday, June 19th, Mamzi also celebrated in it the launch of its pop-up store. In the heartfelt tribute to the breathtaking city of Nubia, Mamzi collaborated with esteemed sponsors who added their own special touches including Dara's ice-cream, known for its delectable treats, Kahhal Looms, the master of textile craftsmanship, and Temple Studios, the meticulous production agency.

The much-anticipated launch event was attended by esteemed figures from the fashion, art, and entertainment industries. Prominent actresses such as Amy Samir Ghanem, Injy el Mokkadem, Mai Omar, Reem Sami, Laila Ahmed Zaher, Yasmina Elabd, and others graced the occasion. Their presence only highlighted the significance of this remarkable fashion showcase.

Mamzi's Nubia-inspired collection is a love letter to a city that has fascinated and inspired generations. Through their artistry, Mariam Abdelghany and Mamzi have created a bridge between past and present, showcasing the eternal allure of Nubia for the world to see. The launch was not only a celebration of fashion but also a testament to the enduring power of creativity and the endless inspiration that can be found in the world around us.

You can find Mamzi’s pop-up store at Capital Promenade, Phase 1, Store B3, Sheikh Zayed. 

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