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Photo: Christian Louboutin. 

By Aya Nassar

Are you running out of options for what to wear in the final days of Ramadan or are you still unsure what to wear this Eid? 


We say you gift yourself a statement piece that will surely make you feel extra-posh and have an investment for years to come! As the holy month of Ramadan approached, fashion houses from around the world were gearing up to release their latest collections for Ramadan-Eid 2023. From stunning jewelry to elegant clothing and accessories, this year, the biggest names in fashion such as Cartier, Dior, and Valentino have created capsule collections that are sure to make heads turn. In this article, Divaz gives you a round-up of some of the most exclusive and luxurious Ramadan-Eid 2023 designer collections that you need to check out!

Cartier, the iconic French luxury jewelry and watch brand, has released its well-known Premiere de Cartier eyewear models in new colourways for the special month. It is the perfect blend of elegance and tradition.

Christian Louboutin
The legendary Christian Louboutin has created a beautiful, exclusive campaign named ‘An Ode to Fawazeer’ for the Ramadan-Eid season. The collection features glamorous heels and handbags for women and sneakers for men. With a dazzling collection, Christian Louboutin's picks for this season are sure to turn heads.

Stella McCartney
With Sustainability in mind and the color green as its basis, Stella McCartney has released a limited-edition Emerald capsule collection for this season.The collection features stunning vegan accessories that were initially inspired from the summer 2023 collection but has gotten a Ramadan touch. 


Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera has released a stunning collection of elegant and timeless pieces for the Ramadan-Eid season. Imagine the traditional Ramadan clothes getting a vibrant, modern makeover. The collection prioritized comfort and ease in its silhouettes and designs, perfect for an understated yet chic look.


While Stella McCartney overflowed with Emerald, Dior's Ramadan-Eid 2023 collection screams gold! The Dior Or Ramadan collection highlights the brilliance of gold in every piece like the J’Adior pumps and Lady Dior bags. From beautiful traditional patterns to intricate embroidery, Dior's collection is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.


Photos: Dior, from Razane Jammal, and Cartier.

Bottega Veneta

Releasing two of its most famous bags, the “mini jodie” and the “clicker bag”, but in new colors of green and maroon, Bottega Veneta has joined the Ramadan-Eid festivities with an elegant touch as all pieces features the signature Bottega Veneta craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Georgio Armani

Georgio Armani's Ramadan-Eid 2023 collection features beautiful and elegant pieces that fit the traditional aura while still being in classic Armani style. With stunning hues and gorgeously-complex prints, this collection is perfect for anyone looking for understated elegance.



Reflecting the nighttime essence of this unique season, Prada's Ramadan-Eid 2023 collection features earth tones alongside shades of blue and black to highlight the contrast between and dark. It aims to capture the shifting nature of time with weightless fabrics, embroidered blouses and gowns, and leather sandals. All to be accompanied by a selection of stylish bags. The collection isn’t limited to womenswear, however, as menswear is also offered in the same eye-catching designs and warm shades. 


As Ramadan draws to a close and the Eid celebrations begin, it's the perfect time to bring out your finest outfits and accessories. With these stunning designer collections, whether you prefer bold and edgy styles or classic and elegant pieces, these Ramadan-Eid 2023 collections have something for everyone. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your fashion game this season! 

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