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Damascus Road

Lebanon and Syria has a long history. In the past decade, Beirut has welcomed more than a million Syrian due to the countries’ civil war. However with the recent unrest in Lebanon and the economic crisis; making it tough for everyone to thrive. They struggle more than ever.

Photographer Bachar Srour and Stylist Melanie Dagher portrayed for us two young Syrians who has been living in Beirut for years. 

“Naim” who is originally from Idleb, Syria. He works at a vintage clothing store and describes his life here like any normal worker, he goes to the gym and plays guitar. While “Fadi” is an artist that makes handmade accessories. Without a steady income, it's tough for him as for the rest of the Lebanese, especially under these economic circumstances.


Shot on Location: Mar Mikhael, Beirut.  


Photographer: Bachar Srour / Styling: Melanie Dagher / Talents: Naim and Fadi / Assistant: Lina Miguel / Sound: Bedouin Burger

Wardrobe: Depotvente Beirut

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